• How to verify the quality of cloth art furniture

    Fabric sofa in the sofa occupy a large proportion, the small range of fresh, simple and generous whose popular, the share is very wide, but for its quality evaluation, are "layman", the following Xiaobian you share how to distinguish the fabric furniture is good or bad.

    Choose a comfortable office chair

    To understand the functions of the office staff chairs, your work will become more comfortable and comfortable. Choose a comfortable office staff chair, your work will become more effective. Buy comfortable office staff chairs to make your work more perfect. Next, let Guangzhou Cright office furnitu

    Density board and particle board which is good?

    Different physical properties of MDF and particleboard, can't say who is good who are not good, relatively speaking, density board of the whole board properties is the same, its good plasticity, engraving and milling all kinds of linear, but density plate layer combined with power is relatively poor

    Panel type furniture plate classification

    Sheet metal classification, currently used to make furniture, there are three main types of artificial board, respectively, are: plywood, density board (also called fiber board), particle board.
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