• Learn the 5 trick, immediately becomes high-grade office

    Is your office or lattice space? Is there any level of hierarchy in your office? In addition to office furniture, your office space and what not? As people's minds become more open, office furniture design needs more and more modern fashion, we want to improve the taste of the design of the office,

    New era of office environment, to give you a different feeling!

    Accompanied by more 80 after 90 after the young people entering the job market, and especially after ninety little meat, they need the office environment, need office furniture is no longer traditional, is no longer static specifications, their thinking every day are in the update, broaden their thi

    The benefits of color to office furniture

    In recent years, scientists and psychologists have studied the color of the subtle, and concluded that the color has a "healing" function. The experiment shows: the rich and colorful living things and office furniture display, is a healthy "nutrition", and vice versa. The following is a part of the

    New thinking on contemporary furniture design

    After entering the 21st century, modern design philosophy of colorful, the world trend of furniture design also entered the a new period, indicating that in the new century furniture will usher in a new stage of development. According to the signs of the present stage, the author thinks that due to

    The direction and idea of green furniture design

    The training on the 18 day of the successful curtain. Communicate through this two days, let headquarters and local partners have a better understanding, together to discuss and share the operating points, project bidding skills, program design skills etc., and strive to build a learning first-class
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